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Top 10 Best Road Bike Wheels in 2017 Reviews

Pedaling a bike can be tiresome if your wheels are heavy weighted. Currently, bike wheels have evolved as a result of the introduction of light construction materials and technology. If you are still using the older versions, it is time to upgrade your bicycle wheels to improve the efficiency. An ideal wheel should possess a durable rim, precision hubs, and light spokes. The need for a road wheel is for the speed purposes; therefore, it should be aerodynamically designed to increase the efficiency. They are majorly manufactured from aluminum, brass and other composite materials to save on the weight. As you plan to buy new wheels for your bike, let us help you by reviewing the top 10 best road bike wheels in 2106.

10. Sta-Tru Silver Alloy Road Hub Front Wheel

  • Brand: Sta Tru

If you need a replacement wheel, Sta-Tru silver alloy wheel for road bikes is one of the best choices available. Having it installed on your bike is easy through its quick release axle. Its quality is trusted by millions of professional bikers from all corners of the world. The rim has 36 holes and comes with UPC spokes. The front bearing hub is an alloy made, enhanced with silver appearance together with spokes and rim. The wheel measures 700×25.

9. Vuelta XRP Pro 700c Road Bike Wheel set


  • Brand: XRP Pro

Treating your bike with classic wheels not only gives it a stronger structure, but they also improve its aesthetic appearance. The Vuelta XRP Pro is the ultimate wheelset that you should furnish your bicycle. They feature durable rims, with brass nipples. The construction material is lightweight and robust to offer extended life and comfort cycling without straining to pedal. Specifications include a 700c rim, clincher hub bead, 2by2 pro road bearing and quick release brass Aero branded nipples among others. It is compatible with Shimano scram cassette and will work with 7, 8, 9 and 10-speed gear cassettes. On top of it, the rims are double walled.

8. Pure Fix 700C 40mm Wheelset

  • Brand: Pure Cycles

Bike road wheels are meant to ensure your ride is swift and comfortable. These Pure Fix wheels are crafted to ensure you enjoy maximum speed with just simple spinning. They are aerodynamically designed to reduce air resistance, lightweight, and double-walled rim to increase durability. Both front and rear wheels are 700c with 40mm depth rim groove. Rear wheel comes with pre-attached single speed flip-flop hub. Each wheel has 32 spokes and enhanced with nylon strips the prevent tire puncture. So as to pimp your bike these wheels are available in a wide range of colors.

7. Sta-Tru Silver Alloy Hub Front Wheel

  • Brand: Sta Tru

As you cycle, you must have trust with the kind of wheels you are using. They must be able to support you fully as well as withstanding high speed. With Sta-Tru Wheels you can never guess about the quality. These wheels feature highest quality material you can think. They tested to ensure it gives you an extended period service. The rim is single walled and measures 27inches by 1/4 inches. The front bearing hub is alloy based allowing it to be extra smooth and free from corrosion and rusting. Also other wheel components like rim, axle and hub are silver coated to protect them from weather harshness. It has a quick release axle ensuring ease of replacement. Spokes are stainless steel made thus more durable and reliable. The wheel is trusted by millions of cyclists worldwide, and you can become one of them.

6. 700c Mavic Cxp22 / Shimano Hubs with Continental Tires Road Bike Wheel Set

  • Brand: Mavic

Forget about the time wheels were purely available in one material only. On top of it all, they are thick and rigid. These days you can cycle for the whole day without losing the morale. If you have 700c Mavic Cxp22 wheelset wit tires, you will become a racing addict. They are light due to an alloy clincher rims. The wheels come with Shimano Claris HB 2400 Hubs, and steel spokes. Both front and rear have 32 holes each. When you buy these wheels, they come with continental sports tube and tires. The ball bearing hubs are serviceable while the braking surfaces are milled to increase brake efficiency and eliminate shuddering. They are compatible; with various speed gear cassettes.

5. Sta-Tru Silver ATB 6-7 Speed Freewheel Hub Quick Release Rear Wheel-Alloy

  • Brand: Sta Tru

This wheel is tough to enable you to cycle even in the most challenging terrains without worrying. It features some of the strongest bike wheel alloys. This increases the lifetime and reliability and comes while tested for durability. When you need rear wheel replacement, it offers the best choice. The rim is single walled, has 36 holes, comes with a bolt on the axle and 6-7 loose bearing wheels. Major components like rim, spokes and hub are silver painted to resist rusting.

4. Retrospec Bicycles Mantra Wheelset with 700 x 25C Kenda Kwest Tires- Fixed-Gear/Single-Speed

  • Brand: Retrospec Bicycles

When you buy wheels in most cases, you end up buying tires separately. But for Retrospec bike Mantra wheelset are exceptional one you purchase they come with tires. They come with upgraded features to give your bike a new look. Rims are light; alloy made double walled and extra deep V-shaped. The improved technology allows a smooth ride through sealed bearing hubs. Also, they require less maintenance and lives for a longer period. At the back is flip-flop hub. The rear wheel comes with pre-installed single gear and tires have smooth treads with large water grooves. These wheels are built to last, and you can trust them in each inch of your cycling.

3. Eagle Wheels, Zipp Wheels, Enve Wheels, Eagle 700c Carbon Clincher Wheelset -Stiff for Road Bikes

  • Brand: Eagle Bicycles

These wheels are one of the toughest carbon based wheels in the market. They are reinforced with titanium making them strong and light. The braking surfaces are perfectly designed, being basalt base ensure instant stop. Their clincher rims are U-shaped providing a perfect tire grip and ground holding. Also, the U layout provides little wind resistance as you ride. They come equipped with Continental tires and a guarantee of 5 years.

2. ZeroLite Road Comp Wheel Set-700C

  • Brand: ZeroLite

ZeroLite Road wheels are what you should fit into your bicycle. They are lightweight designed from a sturdy and durable alloy. The bearing hubs are sealed protecting them from water and dust, ensuring a smooth ride and less maintenance. Spokes are tough as they are aero steel fabricated. The brake surfaces are carefully crafted to ensure brake pads are effective; they feature CNC chained brake track. Front and rear wheel weigh 873g and 1185g respectively.

1. Aeromax Alloy Wheelset Road Bike CompWheels-700c

  • Brand: Aeromax

The wheels are ideal for recreational riding, training, and racing. They are of high quality and cheaper compared to others. Freehub design allows them to be compatible with cassettes. Rims are alloy mad with double walls. Also, they can accommodate 24 aero spokes. The sidewalls are machined with satin black color. Spokes are stainless steel each tested with DT Swiss gauge for the tension.

Without wheels, a bike cannot move. Having the right wheels from your bicycle can greatly facilitate the ease of pedaling. The above review tries to give you the best wheels you can get in the market. They are cheap, strong, light and durable. Pick one and be on the move anytime you feel.

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