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Top 10 Best Road Bike Helmets in 2017 Reviews

Riding a bike is a common practice among people of different ages. Some do it as a hobby while others are professional racers. Whether it is for pleasure or sports, one must be conscious of their safety. A helmet is one of the most necessary requirements to have when riding a bicycle. It is for personal safety, and when riding on highways, it is mandatory to wear. A good helmet is essential; in the case of an accident it should be able to offer extra protection to your head. Various brands are in existence with each company utilizing different material to construct these components. We decided to save you time and struggle by availing the list of top 10 best road bike helmets in 2017.

10. Giro Foray Helmet

When thinking of buying a helmet, everyone would go for the best of all. This Foray helmet from Giro has all it takes to purchase. It has a smooth frame to ease friction with air as your cycle your bike. Plush interior offers extra cushioning. In the case of an accident, your head is guarded against shocks and injuries. The outer cover features a heavy duty polycarbonate that ensures you are fully protected and does not break easily. The helmet is adjustable in two ways and has Roc Loc5 fit system. With 21 vents, your head cannot suffer from excessive sweating or heat.

9. Giro Atmos II Helmet

This is another sturdy helmet from Giro that that is perfectly crafted to offer the best protection. Structurally, it features thermal forged SL roll reinforced cage to provide a sleek look without affecting security capacity. It has a stylish look with compact make. People with different head sizes can use this helmet since it has as Roc Loc5 which enables it to cover your head perfectly. The exterior shell features durable in-mold polycarbonate material. A cozy interior has EPS foam, and ventilation is through 23 air tunnels.

8. GoMax Aero Adult Safety Helmet with Adjust Dial also for Kids over 12 years

GoMax Aero helmet takes the safety to another level. It is aerodynamically designed to offer least air resistance as you ride. As rider tends to sweat while riding, this helmet ensures your head is dry through moisture winking pads. Under sunny conditions, no disruptions as it come with a removable visor. Also, available is reflective adjustable dial at the rear. Inside is extra soft padding for comfort while wearing. The outer shell is extra hard and durable; it is made from polycarbonate enhanced with EPS lining. The helmet has an adjustable dial for adjustment allowing it to be used by kids.

7. Giro Atmos-Racing Bike Helmet

Comfort and safety are the key elements in this helmet. It is exceptionally constructed to offer the best. To keep your heads comfortable it has 26 air vents. They prevent excessive heat and sweating. The outer shell is a high-strength composite material offers extra protection to head. The interior features a roll cage with reinforcement of DuPont nylon incorporated on the EPS foam lining. The helmet is available in 3 sizes making it ideal for all bikers.

6. Giro Trinity Bike Helmet

As you struggle to find the right helmet that can provide the best protection, Giro Trinity has amazing qualities. It features some of best engineering qualities in the market. The helmet has a sleek design and polycarbonate forged shell. The interior protection material is EPs foam to shield your head from impacts. With 22 vents, it allows enough air circulation on the head. It has an Acu Dial that enhances proper head fitting. As you ride in low light conditions, the rear part has a reflective capacity for better detection by motorists.

5. Giro Aeon Helmet-2013

When it comes to buying a bike helmet, overall weight matters a lot. A heavy one is not ideal due to stability reasons. However, you can now enjoy maximum protection under Giro Aeon. It has a sturdy and strap with a slimline buckle. Exterior part is polycarbonate made with 24 ventilation channels. The vents are incorporated with wind tunnels for efficient cooling. EPS foam lining the cushions the head against impacts. Also, it has a thermoformed reinforced roll cage. Perfectly for head fit through Roc Loc 5 systems.

4. Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet

When you want, enjoy speed you may need a helmet that provides proper head and visual protection. The Giro air attack helmet is designed to be useful for both bikes and motorcycles. As you ride, it has a visor that shields your eyes from the wind and has magnetic attachments. The guided wind tunnel allows your head to enjoy refreshing air circulation. It is aerodynamically crafted to reduce air resistance you ride. Interior features removable X-static heavy duty padding. The outer shell is polycarbonate made with an EPS lining.

3. Giros Savant Bike Helmet

This helmet is engineered to offer a stylish and extra security. You can ride with confidence as it provides the highest level of protection. The comfort is also guaranteed by having 25 wind vents to keep your head cool and sweat free. Roc Loc 5 Fit System ensures a firm grip hence no safety compromise. The solid outer polycarbonate shell is designed to offer best impact protection. It is further complemented with EPS foam padding. The helmet is extra light and durable. With two adjustments levels, it can fit in almost everyone.

2. Giro Revel Helmet – Women

For women, not all helmets can feel comfortable to use. This Revel helmet is perfect for women. The enhanced safety features allow it to be suitable for experienced and beginners. The Wind cannot bother you as you ride; it has a snap fit visor enhanced with anchor points. As you ride the read part is reflective thus rendering you more visible to the motorists. Polycarbonate outer cover is sturdy and offers extra protection, together with foam padded liner.

1. Giro Indicator Sports Bike Helmet

This sports helmet features some of the best features you can aspire. It brings confidence and style in your ride. Whether you are riding in off-road conditions or urban areas, it provides protection against all safety challenges. Comfort is highly enhanced through 20 air vents. Snap visor protects you from wind and sun rays. Exterior features a durable polycarbonate that protects the head from injuries and other impacts. Inside is cozy with soft foam padding.

Safety is the main aspect for the helmet manufacturers. They design helmets to minimize the impacts in case of accidents. Besides, security weight is also important as heavy weighted helmets can cause stability issues. There is no need of risking your life while helmets are affordable to everyone. Purchase one and discover their usefulness and comfort.

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