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Top 10 Best Pooper Scoopers in 2017 Reviews

Pooper Scoopers are not only an effective way of collecting our pets’ waste but are also hygienic. Today’s pooper scoopers have undergone considerable evolution and are more efficient, faster, and effective. Most of them guarantee you a mess-free process without coming into direct contact with your pets’ poop.

When shopping for one, it’s important that you consider the length of the handle, ease of use, budget, and ease of cleaning. Moreover, inquire whether it’ll be able to scoop the dookies on any of your home’s surface.

These are this year’s most reviewed poop scoops on Amazon today.

10. Uarter Pooper Scooper Long Hand Dog Poop Scoop

  • By: Petacc
  • Item Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 6.2 x 5.8 inches

Uarter Pooper Scooper features a long handle, so you won’t have to bend much. Its handle has an ergonomic design that feels comfortable on your hands. Additionally, Uarter is made of lightweight yet durable plastic, so you’ll have it for long. This pooper scooper uses a spring-controlled jaw that’s easily opened from the handle. It’s ideal for scooping concrete, grass, and other small solid wastes. The best thing about this jaw pooper scooper is that you don’t need to use wasteful bags. The scooper is non-stick and cleans in a breeze.

9. NEW Complete Poo Pack | Pooper Scooper


  • By: Bodhi Dog
  • Item Weight: 12 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 4.5 inches


Buddha Dog has specialized in the creation of pooper scoopers and other tools that make waste scooping an easy affair. This pack is a complete set of everything you would need. Each package comes with a jaw scooper, bone, and waste bags. It comes at a fairly lower price, and you’ll be glad you got it. There’s a choice of different colors for the scooper. The long handle featured by this scooper makes it easy to collect the waste without bending or kneeling. Moreover, you’re guaranteed of your money back if you’re not satisfied with this set’s quality.

8. Doody Digger Pooper Scooper


  • By: Doody Digger
  • Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 45 x 4 x 5 inches


You’ll wish you had come across this poop scooper earlier before. Unlike most scoopers that come with numerous moving parts, Doody features a one-piece design. It has a chiseled edge and a tubular handle. It’s extremely easy to use; you just need to scoop the waste then lift the handle vertically. The poop then slides through the tube to the waste bag attached on the other side. Doody is long so that you won’t hurt your buck. The tube is wide even for the large poops. Moreover, it has a lightweight and sturdy construction.

7. Tidy Turd Pooper Scooper for Dogs with Bonus Leak Proof Blue Bags


  • By: Tidy Turd
  • Item Weight: 13.3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 4.9 x 5.3 inches


Tidy Turd has today’s most advanced way of ensuring a mess-free poop scooping affair. Theirs is a sturdily constructed scooper made of heavy duty material for a longer life. It has a jaw that’s controlled by high tension springs. The movement of the springs is controlled from the handle. This handle has a slot to accommodate your fingers comfortably. The best thing about it is that it’s easy to assemble and you don’t come into direct contact with the poop. It comes with a bone-shaped dispenser and a poop baggy holder.

6. GoGo Stik, The Totally Clean Pooper Scooper


  • By: GoGo Stik
  • Item Weight: 9.3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 35 x 5.2 x 4 inches


We love our pets. However, the idea of bending to pick wet and warm trophies scattered all over the compound isn’t so exciting. That’s why you need GoGo Stik. With this pet waste scooper, you’ll never have to wear the gloves anymore. This pooper scooper uses any bag. Its handle is adjustable for use by people with different heights. Also, you’ll love its tapered, square shovel which makes collecting even the wet poop relatively easy. GoGo Stik is made of non-corrosive high-quality ABS, HDPE, rubber, and aluminum. You also get 10 dootie bags with this purchase.

5. Four Paws Sanitary Dog Pooper Scooper


  • By: Four Paws
  • Item Weight: NA
  • Product Dimensions: 33.5 x 5.2 x 7 inches


This is another effective pet waste cleaning tool by Four Paws. It’s made of a lightweight rust-resistant material, so you’ll be having it for a pretty long time. It’s an adjoined rake and scoop that will scoop any size poop. Four Paws has a strategic design that makes poop scooping a quick and hassle free process. It features rubberized handles that feel comfortable on your hands. Notably, the tines on the rake have been thoughtfully designed to allow grass to pass without the waste.

4. Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop


  • By: Dogit
  • Item Weight: NA
  • Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 6 x 25 inches

Meet Dogit Jawz, one of this year’s most practical and easy to use pooper scooper. This tool will make the not-so-cool task both enjoyable and easy. Dogit Jawz is both time and money saver. It has a fairly long handle for use by children. In addition, it uses a spring-loaded jagged-teeth jaw that collects poop in the hard areas in a snap. The heavy duty material used on it gives it a longer life. The jaw is made from premium grade plastic that’s non-stick and washes with much ease. Past buyers love its one-hand use and also praise its incredible price.

3. Rake Set for Pet Waste Removal


  • By: Four Paws
  • Item Weight: NA
  • Product Dimensions: 38 x 9.5 x 10 inches


Pet waste collection has never been this easy. This Rake Set features a straightforward construction design. It is a perfect waste collector for use in yards thanks to the lightweight material used for it. The scoop and tides are made of rustproof material and are more than you could ask for a pooper scooper. The rake’s teeth are sturdy for grabbing the dookie under the long grass. This set comes in 2 sizes; small size measuring 7″ x 7″ x 38″ and large 9.5″ x 10″ x 38″.

2. Four Paws Grass Wire Rake Dog Scooper


  • By: Four Paws
  • Item Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 29.5 x 5 x 6.1 inches


This pooper scooper comes with no modern bells and whistles. It has a simple but effective functioning. This wire rake has been constructed from a high-quality alloy of metals that’s rust resistant and won’t bend even with regular usage. The scooper has been designed to hold the poop comfortably while the tides have been creatively spaced to allow collection of poop on almost any surface. This Grass Wire Rake Dog Scooper has a rubber grip and a long handle to make waste collection simple and fast.

1. Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop (Best Seller)


  • By: Nature’s Miracle
  • Item Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 7.6 x 32 inches


Featuring high-quality industrial- strength plastics, Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop will be your lifelong companion as you take care of your pets. This scoop is a perfect choice for use on gravel, grass, and cement, etc. The plastic used is 100% non-stick and prevents bacterial growth. Again, the plastic doesn’t require any vigorous scrubbing. This Amazon’s best-selling poop collector comes in two sizes; medium and jumbo. Its teeth backed by 2 strong springs make it easy to remove messes trapped in grasses.

The pooper scoopers using jagged jaw and springs are now taking over. They have been found ideal for use on most surfaces. Uarter and DogIt are the leading models in this market niche. In terms of simplicity and functionality, Wire rake, Rake Set, and GoGo stik take the lead.

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