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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Tires in 2017 Reviews

Selecting the best mountain bike tire is essential, as you’ll need a product that will give you a good grip on surfaces. Having good tires is important, as you’ll have a lesser risk of slipping, especially when doing tricks and obstacles. You should consider all relevant factors before purchasing any mountain bike tire. You ought to take into account the type of terrain and surface you intend to ride on, your preferred riding style, the tires’ width, and pressure, as well as the kind of rubber compound.

The sheer number of different mountain bike models and brands available can make it challenging to choose the best-suited MTB tire for your riding. Below, we feature the top 10 best mountain bike tires reviews in 2017 as a guide to help you find a reliable, high-quality mountain bike tire. We’ve taken into account all relevant considerations to come up with this definitive list. This guide isn’t biased by any means, providing you with factual, useful information only.

10. Kenda Dart Type K837

  • Brand: Kenda
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 26.6 x 2.5 x 26.6 inches

At a well-deserved 10th place is the Kenda Dart K837. This MTB tire is designed to last a relatively long time. Both the front and rear bear the same layout. This tire features a wire bead that makes them heavier than most of its folding counterparts. In the mountains, however, it’s highly likely that you won’t notice the weight difference. It offers you exactly what you’d need: control, grip, and durability. For such capabilities, this tire is undeniably worth the price.

9. WTB VelociRaptor Mountain Tire

  • Brand: WTB

The WTB VelociRaptor Mountain Tire is by far among the best tire models you can find for mountain biking. Its design provides for an astounding grip, putting the cyclist in total control of the bike on virtually any terrain. You’ll need to purchase the front and rear models separately as they’re designed differently.

The front tire is made to carve through water and mud, hence providing greater control while turning. The rear tire, on the other hand, is designed to grant you the most efficient force transfer on the road. Don’t get fooled by their low price. They’re durable and top-performing tires for the price.

8. Kenda John Tomac Signature-Series Nevegal (76 Reviews)

  • Brand: Kenda

The Kenda Nevegal, which is part of Tomac-Signature Series, is remarkably popular across the world. You’ll realize the beauty of this tire in loose, muddy conditions, where it’ll provide incredible control and grip. The Nevegal offers several wire-beaded and folding options, each of which offers a different tire construction to allow for varied grip in hard and loose conditions.

The Dual Tread Compound structure will prove useful in various conditions. For instance, it’s great in steep situations as it’s designed with soft rubber, which provides an excellent grip. A common feature among all Nevegal models is the longwearing rubber, which they’re made from. It enhances durability even when the tires are faced with cross-country trails and constant rough terrain.

7. Continental C1219398 Trail King Mountain Bike Tire

  • Brand: Continental

This 29-inch handmade tire is conveniently designed t handle asphalt roads, wild trails, and killer loops with similar ease. It’s a touring tire that’s revered for its large size, which, in turn, allows you to maneuver even over uneven grounds without any struggle. Despite the large size, the tire still manages to remain incredibly light, thus making your riding experience more enjoyable.

This tire features a sidewall that’s reinforced with APEX. That provides it with extra protection against punctures when you’re free-riding over difficult terrains. You’re definite to reach your destination in one piece, thanks to the provided optimum grip.

6. SCHWALBE Big Apple RLX Tire (88 Reviews)

  • Brand: Schwalbe

The Big Apple RLX Tire by SCHWALBE is a particular example of hybrid tires. These tires are a hybrid model, implying that they’ll perform well in the mountains, as well as on the road. They’re designed for both casual cyclists and extreme mountain bikers. The Big Apple RLX Tire’s build makes it an all-terrain model. They’ll not create lots of noise even when riding at greater speeds. The RLX RaceGuard Tire would be an awesome addition to your mountain bike, as it’ll deliver what you’d need from it.

5. Continental Double-Fighter III Urban Mountain Bike Tire

  • Brand: Continental

This 26-inch bike tire offers mountain bikers a rugged, reliable tire option perfect for hitting off-road spots. It’s suitable for Sporty ATB options and trekking bikes. As well, you can ride it quietly and smoothly on tarmac roads. Its design includes a sturdy sidewall, which protects the model when riding in urban areas that are littered with sharp objects. The tread in the tire’s center features shoulder lugs, which will provide for an extreme grip on wet surfaces. Also, this tire’s knobby size makes it suitable for quick and dexterous riding.

4. Maxxis Ignitor Mountain Bike Tire

  • Brand: Maxxis

The Maxxis Ignitor comes in two different options: 26-inch and 29-inch. Both options will give you a unique opportunity to experience fantastic performance in a broad range of riding conditions. This folding tire is widely favored for its versatile construction compounds, which include the race-proven 62a, the durable 70a, and the urban-ready 60a. You’re free to select the compound that you’d want on your tire, depending on where you intend to ride the bike.

Additionally, a well-spaced tread pattern will allow for minimized rolling resistance, enabling you to speed on gravel trails, asphalt roads, as well as hardpack single tracks. It features knobs that ensure for a suitable grip in all conditions. For the versatility and durability, it’s hard to beat the price of this model.

3. Kenda K816 Aggressive MTB Bike Tire, Black-skin

  • Brand: Kenda

This black skin tire is constructed out of durable rubber compound. It features a standard tire bead and a wire detail color. These tires are designed for adult bikes. Ultimately, you’ll be happy with the Kenda 816 for its price. It provides a sturdy grip on the road and trails.

The tires’ tread can manage different surfaces like mud, gravel, and sand. They are built to handle all sorts of surfaces aggressively. Kenda offers excellent customer service, especially for handling concerns. You’ll like the fantastic traction on the tires as it’ll be easy to control your bike on almost any surface. The Kenda 816 is also ideal for off-road riding.

2. Kenda K850 Aggressive MTB Bike Tire, Black-skin

  • Brand: Kenda

The Kenda K850 MTB Bike Tire features treads that are designed to be aggressive, thus offering better trail riding. This black skin tire will enable you to ride your bike correctly on virtually any surface. It remains stable even after riding it for quite a while. The grip is excellent while going uphill or downhill. This tire is quite easy to clean, even if there are dirt and mud between the treads. Several users have reported extreme satisfaction with the model even after multiple years of us. You can use it anywhere, including on tracks, sidewalks, at local parks, and for leisure rides.

1. Schwinn SW75854-2 Street Comfort Bike Tire, With Kevlar

  • Brand: Schwinn

This model is a perfect option for riding on street roads, bike paths, and an array of challenging terrains. It offers you an opportunity to enjoy exceptional riding performance in varying riding conditions and different terrains. It comes included with a Kevlar layer for added durability, strength, and protection from punctures and damage.

It has carbon steel bead which will provide for the much-needed flexibility when riding over rocks, sticks, and such like objects. The snipping tread pattern is specially designed to enhance traction onto the road surface, hence guaranteeing you an enjoyable, comfortable riding experience. The Schwinn Street Comfort Tire tops our list for its outstanding performance and durability.

A mountain bike and a reliable wheelset can’t be separated. Tires affect almost everything; handling, safety, speed and performance of your bicycle. As with every other product, for mountain bike tires, you get value for the much you pay. According to our research, the models featured above are the best mountain bike tires present on the market today.

Don’t expect any disappointment when you choose any of the tires discussed above. They’ll last a considerably long time, hence offering you real value for their prices. The particular tire that you select is dependent on your preferences, and other factors like the budget. It’s our hope that these reviews will guide you to choosing the most appropriate and suitable tire for your mountain bike.

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