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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets in 2017 Reviews

Bike helmets are gears that have been designed to protect cyclists against head injuries. As it turns out, most cyclists find it thrilling to ride their bikes on rugged terrains or go bike hiking in search of adventure. We would not want to hit our heads on trees or walls and leave with head injuries now, would we? Since a bicycle has a relatively tiny body, the cyclists’ body acts as the body of a bike. With that said, accidents involved with bikes can be dangerous to the cyclists’ life. To protect cyclists from these brutal injuries, bike helmets were developed. Since it is important for cyclists to own helmets, we have therefore created a list containing the best top ten mountain bike helmets in 2017 reviews for you.

10. JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet Specialized for Men’s Women’s Safety Protection Red/Blue/Yellow [Yellow, Adult]

  • Brand – JBM international
  • Rating – 4.5/5
  • Weight – 0.85 pounds
  • Size – Adult

Specially designed for adults, JBM Adult helmet is a unisex head gear made for outdoor activities. The bicycle helmet is light in weight making it easy for the head to haul during cycling. This helmet has proper ventilation which enables air to circulate sufficiently for you. Fitted with easy to adjust straps, this helmet ensures that your head is properly hooked to it, and no slipping is allowed. With a helmet that is easy to buckle, cycling will be adventurous for you.

9. Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet Specialized for Road and Mountain Biking-Safety Certified Bicycle Helmets

This is a high-performance helmet designed for cycling enthusiasts. Uniquely made for mountain and rough road biking, this helmet is lightweight and easily portable. With its property for resisting shock, it enables you to maneuver on rough roads and terrains safely. The smooth chin pads embedded in the helmet make it easy to clean during washing and comfortable on your chin. At an affordable price, this is the perfect fit for cyclists who want to invest in a durable helmet that is sturdy and thick.

8. Father’s Day Gifts Gonex Wind Cross Road Mountain Bike Helmet, Bicycle Adult Helmet

Made of high ventilation with 28 holes, this helmet comes in color grass green, orange, white and dortmund yellow. Attractive and light in density, it weighs 270grams. With soft designed washable pads this helmet is the real deal when you think about your hygiene as the pads are easy to clean after hours of cycling. The helmet has a comfortable inner lining to protect your head from external injury. The safety this head gear provides from the high-density material it’s made of is impressive and desirable. Consider this helmet for your cycling adventure.

7. Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet

Produced with the most adventurous cyclists in mind, this is the helmet to consider if you like street fashion and aggressive biking. Perfect for jumping in the dirt and rough surfaces, the helmet has a comfortable inner lining for cushioning your head. The inner liners are easy to maintain because they are washable and removable. Packaged with 11 proper venting ports, this is the perfect deal when you think about bike hiking.

6 .Giro Foray Helmet

Giro Foray helmet has been lightly designed for your ease when it comes to portability. With you pursuing your hiking and biking adventures, it will be easy to carry the weight around. The slim nature of this helmet offers you proper ventilation and circulation of air. Aligned with a plush interior, this helmet will protect your head from injuries in the case of a fall. Is that not what as a cyclist or a biker you are looking for? This helmet will give you incredible comfort on your chin with its inner soft interior and adjustable straps.

5. Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet

Fitted with features like 17 wind tunnel vents, this helmet is well aerated. Let us not forget to mention the benefits of proper ventilation for cyclists. It is important for you as a bike owner to have access to clean air during your adventure. This helmet will offer you that. Since this helmet has an adjustable visor, it is the best helmet for cycling on sunny days. The movable visor is used to shield the face from the scorching sun.

4. Triple Eight Certified Helmet

Triple Eight Certified Helmet is ideal for hike biking, roller skating, and inline skating. The inner part of this helmet is customized for any head shape. With its two sets of adjustable inserts, this helmet provides a perfect fit for your head. Since it’s made of a sturdy, thick material, this helmet aids with the protection of your head against severe injuries during sports. Being a certified helmet, this helmet is definitely of high quality.

3. Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

Derived from the product name, Triple 8 helmet is a life saver. This helmet has been designed for skateboarding, roller derby, and in-line skating. As we all know, those sports are not just mere sports. Perilous as the sporting activities sound, you need assurance that the helmet gear you are purchasing is of high quality and protective to your head. That’s where Triple 8 comes in. The inner layer of this helmet has a wicking layer that absorbs moisture and sweat. You may want to consider purchasing this helmet for your sporting activities.

2. Bell Fraction Adult Multi-Sport Helmet

A great helmet designed for several sporting activities from hike biking to surfing. As the name suggests, Bell Fraction Helmet is the headgear you need for your multisport. With a stylish lid, this helmet is certified for skating and biking as it is made from sturdy plastic shell. The texture of the helmet offers maximum protection to your head. Equipped with 12 vents, Bell Fraction helmet is well ventilated. Proper ventilation gives you the chance to enjoy your biking.

1. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

With its superior quality and a design that’s cutting edge, this is the headgear you may want to consider for your skating, biking and hiking activities. This helmet tops our list with 17 vents to keep your head well aerated. Coupled with easy to adjust buckles, this helmet makes it possible for you to fasten the strap at the chin. The interior surface is padded with a comfortable lining for your head. At an affordable price, we offer you the best helmet for your thrilling adventurous.

With more helmet manufacturing companies coming up, most cyclists and bikers are faced with the decision of choosing a suitable helmet for their cycling, hiking, biking and surfing activities. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best-featured helmets in 2017 for you to find it easy as you shop. The featured helmets are durable, affordable, portable and comfortable. Happy shopping!

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