Top 10 Best HairBrushes in 2017 Reviews

Anytime we are stepping out of our home door; we should be looking good. When going for an interview, a business meeting or when out to meet someone, we always want to create the best impression, by being smart. There are different defining factors that other people use to assess whether we are smart. However, they are not all equal, among these elements, the state of our hair stands out. The challenge arises how to maintain our hair, whether it is short or long. To keep our hair smart, you need to a high-quality hairbrush. With a good hairbrush, you will easily entangle wet and dry hair without subjecting yourself to an unnecessary headache. Luckily, there is an avalanche of brands in the market today, giving you an array of choices. They are available in plenty of colors, sizes and make. After diligent evaluation of these hairbrush models, we compiled the top 10 best hairbrush reviews in 2017. Read their reviews and choose the one that will work out well for you.

10. Detangling Brush – Glide Thru Detangler Hair Comb or Brush

If you want a hairbrush that can be used by everybody, this is the best deal, as both adults and kids can use it. This detangling brush by Crave Naturals is a bestseller and enjoys almost 3,000 reviews on Amazon. Despite there being other imitations of this brush, none can be equated to this hairbrush. It is the best accessory to use when removing tangles and knots. It effortless detangles your hair sideways without any pain. This brush is child-friendly, so you won’t have your young ones crying when they see a hairbrush.

9. Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush, XX-large Round, 2 Inch

This hairbrush by Cricket is different from many other hairbrushes because of the design and the shape. It is designed to help in smoothening the hair, easily and effortlessly. It is perfect for eliminating flyaway and for static freestyling. It is also designed to infuse moisture into scalp and hair scalp. The bristles are heat resistant for use during blow-drying and have an easy grip. It comes in 8 different sizes for each styling technique.

8. Brush – Large Oval Cushion Wood Bristles, Wood Handle Bass Brushes 1 Brush

Brush your hair effortlessly using this hairbrush. It is made of bass brushes, which are heat resistant. This makes this product perfect accessory during a blow dry, as the heat cannot affect it. It is palm sized, with a wood handle, offering you a firm grip. Another feature that makes it a best seller is that bristles do not fall off easily, even if you use it 2 or 3 times a day.

7. Diane Wave Brush, Extra Firm Reinforced Boar Bristles

This Diane Wave hairbrush is designed for men. It measures 9 x 2.2 x 1. 2 inches and weighs 3.8 ounces hence it is travel-friendly. It features soft bristles that are made of a 100 percent natural boar bristles. Adding to its comfort is the wood handle that offers you a firm grip when using the brush. The boar bristles are 9 inches, arranged in 7 rows. The bristles are excellently designed so that one side there are soft bristles while on the other side there are the firm bristles. This makes the brush the best for different hair sizes and types.

6. Boar Bristle Hair Brush – for a Healthy and Shiny Hair – Naturally Conditions Giving more Volume

This hairbrush by Tryly Genuine Beauty has its bristles made of both nylon and boar, giving you the needed comfort, ensuring that you are not hurt and that your hair is properly made. The boar bristles are made to reduce frizz on your hair and ensure there is a uniform distribution of oil in your hair. It also leaves your hair shiny and gives it a healthy look.

5. Spornette 25 Wood Handle “Porcupine” Brush With Genuine Boar Bristle * Made In Germany

Another perfect hairbrush to use on dry or wet hair is this one by Spornette. It can be used for all types of hairs. This product is cheaper compared to other brands, but it performs well, even better than some highly priced hairbrushes. Its bristles are the porcupine, which is a combination of boar and nylon. It is easy and comfortable to use. It is made to glide smoothly through thick, long and waxy hairs.

4. The Wet Hair Brush Pro, Metallic Purple

You don’t have to struggle to brush wet hair again. This hairbrush is designed to help you detangle the hair easily even when the hair is wet. It is also made with your safety in consideration; therefore, it comes with super soft intelliFlex bristles that won’t hurt you, when brushing the hair. Although it is best to use on wet hair, you can as well use on dry hair. Equally, you will find it useful for all kinds of hairs whether it is curly, straight or thick. So when you want the best wet and dry hairbrush, this is the best deal.

3. The Wet Brush Detangling Shower Brush

This hairbrush by Luxor enjoys massive positive reviews, which speaks volume about this hairbrush qualities and functionalities. It is designed for use by salon professionals, as it is a premium product. Since it is affordable, you can buy it for home use. It is small in size; therefore, you can always have it in your bag. This detangling shower brush is available in elegant colors for you to choose. It is perfect for all hair types, whether wet or dry.

2. Beard Brush, Beard Comb, Hair Brush for men, Black Wild Boar Bristle

It is not just women who struggle when brushing their hair, even men do. This hairbrush by Beardeur is designed for men, to help them manage their facial hairs and beards. It is the best accessory when you want to comb through scruff and remove dandruff and dirt, without causing any pain. With this hairbrush, even when your hair is thick, you won’t struggle. Its bristles are made of natural boar hair, to offer you maximum comfort and stiffness. It is palm sized, hence easy to carry in your pocket or bag.

1. Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Hair Brush, Panther Black

Another bestseller and positively reviewed hairbrush is this one by Tangle Teezer. It is designed for hair extension wearers to help them make their hair easily and fast. It can also be used on children; therefore, if you have your children, and you want them to have a well kempt hair this is the best accessory. It offers painless detangling by utilizing firmer pressure. It is small in size, so it is travel-friendly and has a pretty design and colors, which children love.

Keep your neat by investing in one of the above-reviewed hairbrushes. Whichever, the model, ensure it is soft on your head, and can work on your specific type of hair. Other critical considerations are the type of bristles and handle if is heat resistant and the design.

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