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Top 10 Best Dog Clean-Up & Odor Controls in 2017 Reviews

We all love pets. Dogs specifically are the most type of pets; they are friendly and easy to keep and maintain. Pets, despite being friendly, they come with a cost. You have to feed them, vaccinate them and the most routinely one maintains a good hygiene. A clean and healthy environment is ensured by the use of effective cleaning agent, which can remove stains and bad odors. We are going to explore some of top 10 best dogs clean up and odor controls in 2017.

10. Nature’s Miracle No More Marking Stain & Odor Remover

This cleaning agent is formulated to assist you in cleaning up while at the same time eliminating foul odors. When cleaning there is no worry about stains, it is going to tackle them completely. On the other hand, it is very effective in removing bad smell. This product prevents the dog from going back to the same spot again as it has pet repellant. Its usage is made simple by having a 24oz trigger.

9. Nature’s Miracle Advanced Dual-Action Hard Floor Stain & Odor Remover

Sometimes, the dog might delicate, urinate or vomit on your tiled floor. Cleaning this mess can cause a great challenge. There is no need to panic; Nature’s Miracle Advanced Dual-Action Hard Floor Stain & Odor Remover has the capabilities to eliminate all this. It is designed to remove a variety of stains and odors permanently on hard surfaces. It works efficiently on tiles, ceramic tiles, and vinyl. It is specially formulated to offer a thorough cleaning while protecting the floor coatings.

8. Nature’s Miracle Laundry Boost

This is another great product from Natures Miracle Company. It is formulated to serve laundry purposes. Besides that, it is used effectively to eliminate stubborn stains as well as odors. It utilizes a Bio-enzymatic technology to kick out all stains and odors. Its efficiency is further boosted by incorporation of odor-locking technology thereby enhancing permanent odor elimination. There is no phosphate in this product thus, environmentally friendly. It comes packed in a 32fl oz container.

7. BISSELL 2X Pet Stain & Odor Full Size Machine Formula, 60 ounces, 99K5A

If you find some cleaning agent complicated to use, the BISSELL 2X Pet Stain & Odor Full Size Machine Formula, 60 ounces, 99K5A is here to eliminate this. The aim is to ease its usage by consumers. Through various tests, it has been approved that it can be used in machines. It is formulated from biodegradable materials, thus environmentally friendly. There is no heavy metals and phosphate. The product is effective in removing stains and odors.

6. The ORIGINAL Bad Air Sponge Odor Absorbing Neutralant, 14 ounce

If you have been experiencing bad odors from your pets there is no need to worry. This odor removing is formulated to have a wide application range. It can be used in removing odors from pets, fumes and mold. It does necessarily need to encounter odors source. It is non-toxic and non-flammable thus safe in places with small children.

5. BISSELL 2X Pet Stain & Odor Portable Machine Formula, 32 ounces, 74R7

It comes packed in a small bottle to make its usage simple. Despite its small size, there is no stain can stop it from cleaning. If your pet has stained your carpet, this 2X is formulated to clean it while permanently eradicating the smell. If you are using a machine, it is perfectly formulated to be compatible. There is no pollution since it does not contain phosphates, optical brighteners, and heavy metals.

4. Natures Miracle Advanced Pet Trigger Sprayer

Some people do experience very discouraging odors from their dog pets. On the other staining on carpets is their daily encounter. When these two combine, the life becomes a stress even though you love your pet. The answer to your woes is Natures Miracle Advanced Pet Trigger Sprayer. It comes with advanced cleaning technologies thereby eliminating all stains and odors. The pet-block system ensures pet does not go back to the same location again. Tracking is minimized through its fast drying capacity.

3. Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer Stain and Residue Eliminator

When stains and odors emanating from pets urine, vomiting, and fecal matters, it calls for the use of a strong cleaning agent to clean them effectively out. Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer Stain and Residue Eliminator, is a specially formulate to remove urine based stains and odor. It does not matter the stained part be it carpet, furniture, or clothing they will come out clean. It utilizes a powerful technology of Oxygen-infusion and bio-enzymatic formula.

2. Nature’s Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover

There is a belief that if a surface was stained a while ago, it is hard to remove. These days Nature’s Miracle Company has a product that will leave you astonished. It is formulated to work on old and new pet stains and odors. Due to its formulation, it can be used on carpets, pet living areas and furniture. When working with this cleaning agent, it leaves the place with a citrus scent. Comes packed in a 32oz container.

1. Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator – Enzyme-Powered Pet Odor & Stain Remover for Dog and Cats Urine

If you want to experience a real power in eliminating a wide range of stains and odor, try this cleaning agent. It is formulated to eliminate even the most stubborn stains from pets vomit, urine and fecal matter. Can be used in a wide range be it in carpets, tiled floors, and all pets living ad-sleeping areas. It is chlorine free thus non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

For the pets lovers, stains and odors should hide your passion for owning a pet dog. The above-reviewed products will assist you in cleaning their living areas and at the same time removing unpleasant odors.

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  1. While our puppy is (mostly) potty trained, there is still the inevitable accident that’ll happen every now and again. Having a reliable cleaner will definitely help with this, so thank you for sharing this list!

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