Top 10 Best Baby Exersaucers in 2017 Reviews

There’re those moments when you need to leave your little genius for some minutes. However, you can’t imagine leaving them on the couch or let them crawl on the pet-stained floors. So what? That’s where baby exersaucers come in. These units are designed to offer tons of fun to your infants while developing most of their sensory and mobility skills.

When purchasing a saucer, safety comes first. You should consider the manufacturer’s recommended age and weight capacity. Secondly, consider the type of motions it makes and its ability to support your jumpy toddler. Thirdly, you want real value for your money, don’t you? Therefore, go for a unit that offers more of what your baby requires for their stage, for instance, several toys, music, lights, and books. In addition, the exersaucer should be easy to keep clean. Most importantly, the sitting pad should be easy to remove and to wash. Again, if you need a saucer, you can use on the road, opt for one that folds easily and also assembles in a snap.

Having said that, let’s explore some of the bouncers that most moms are going for today, shall we?

10. Evenflo Bouncing Barnyard ExerSaucer

  • By: Evenflo
  • Item Weight: 13.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 30 x 30 inches

Our first exersaucer comes from a company that has for long been referred to as the most popular nurser in America. Besides exersaucers, Evenflo is known for its high-end infant car seats, playards, and safety gates amongst other parenting accessories.

Bouncing Barnyard is amongst its best and affordable exersaucers. It comes fitted with age-appropriate toys to help keep your toddler busy in your absence. Again, this unit makes safe rocking, spinning, and bouncing actions triggered by your child’s movements. These are enough exercises to strengthen your baby’s developing back, neck, and legs muscles. Additionally, this exersaucer grows with your toddler thanks to its 3 adjustable heights.


  • It’s available in several themes including barn, zoo, and farm themes.
  • It has 3 movement actions


  • Some feel that it should have some music

9. Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump Activity Center

  • By: Summer Infant
  • Item Weight: 13.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 38 inches

If portability is your major concern, then you need to check this one out. Comparing to its rivals, this Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump has more to offer for on the go or around the home use. Firstly, it has been designed in a way that it folds easily to fit in a carry bag included in the package. Secondly, it has a comfortable jumping support seat with perfect depth for jumpy infants. Moreover, this exersaucer comes with a step-on soft fabric for their delicate feet. Even better, it’s fitted with an adjustable canopy to shield your kiddo from direct sunrays. The fact that it is lightweight will allow you to take it anywhere.


  • Its seat is removable and machine-washable
  • It’s foldable and portable


  • It’s only ideal for infants who can sit unsupported

8. Chicco Dance Activity Center

  • By: Chicco
  • Item Weight: 15.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 32 x 25.8 x 32 inches

Chicco is an ideal choice for toddlers who are just graduating from the stationary activity center to a mobile one. It’s generously padded seat with a raised back offers enough support for safe rides. The seat can also be easily removed for machine washing. For those moments when you need to have something done, Chicco offers a lockable mp3 hook-up for on-the-go entertainment. Again, this dance and activity center has 3 adjustable heights for customized support.


  • Can be used as a walker or stationary bouncer
  • Has 3 adjustable heights


  • Its music system drains batteries fast

7. Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Saucer

  • By: Baby Einstein
  • Item Weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 28.5 x 9 x 28.5 inches

Next is this famous Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Saucer. This is a USA-made activity center. It’s made of safe polyester and plastic. It’s recommended for infants over 4 months old. Unlike most of its rivals, this one offers 5 height positions making it ideal for your growing baby. Again, it has a classic underwater theme with a variety of toys including a whale and a crab to keep the infant busy. It also comes with spare link loops for you to add your baby’s favorite toys. Besides the animals, Baby Einstein also offers over 12 learning and entertaining activities including a light up piano.


  • Has a 3600-rotating seat
  • Has 5 height positions


  • It slides

6. Sassy Inspire-The-Senses Activity Center

  • By: Sassy
  • Item Weight: 11.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 27.5 x 6 x 30 inches

With its vibrant colors and incredible design, Sassy aims at inspiring your infant’s senses with its interactive activity center. This bouncer features an all-around rotating seat. This allows your baby to follow your movements and to also play with the toys. Speaking of the toys, Sassy has a spinning Wonder Wheel which besides developing their vision and hearing senses will also attract them to the cause-effect concepts. It also has a flutterby teether for their touch and taste senses and a ladybug play station for their vision and hearing.

Unfortunately, this bouncer has a small footprint and may tip over if the baby is too bouncy.


  • Has advanced sensory development strategies
  • Has vibrant colors


  • Has a small footprint

5. Bright Starts Safari Bounce-a-Round Activity Center


  • By: Bright Starts
  • Item Weight: 15.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 28.5 x 30 x 32 inches


Bright Stars aims at offering tons of fun to your infant in a conveniently sized activity center. It features a rotating padded seat and 12 toys all around. This will encourage your baby to reach for all them thereby developing their gross motor skills. It also features a bouncy step-on pad for non-stop bounce fun. The pad also keeps their feet off the floor. For convenience, the seat pad is removable and machine-washable.


  • Has a rotating seat
  • It’s compact and sturdy


  • Has lengthy assembly

4. Evenflo Jungle Quest ExerSaucer


  • By: Evenflo
  • Item Weight: 22 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 23.5 x 29 inches


This is yet another great exersaucer from Ohio. Evenflo Jungle Quest has been designed for extreme versatility and functionality. Like most exersaucers from this company, this one also proves hard to beat regarding bouncing. It’s padded and easily removable seat is safely suspended on the 3 strong poles with a sturdily constructed base. Moreover, your baby’s joyful jumps are boosted by the soft and bouncy landing pad. It also has several take-with-me toy friends and 3 adjustable heights for long-term use.


  • It’s easy to keep clean
  • Its 3 heights offer maximum value


  • Its toys are hard to get out.

3. Evenflo World Explorer Fun Saucer


  • By: Evenflo
  • Item Weight: 20 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 31.5 inches


True to its name Evenflo World Explorer brings a small world within your baby’s reach. Costing slightly over 100 dollars, some may consider this fun saucer rather expensive. However, do know that you’re getting a cushioned, slip-resistant padded mat that sells at between 35-40 bucks when sold singly. This mat is ideal for the tummy sessions. Again, this bouncer has different developmental toys with sounds and lights for your baby’s different senses. World Explorer is also fitted with a sturdy padded handle for easy portability.


  • Has 36 sounds and 4 languages
  • Has a padded mat for tummy play


  • It’s pricey

2. Evenflo Door Jumper Exersaucer, Marianna


  • By: Evenflo
  • Item Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 7 x 4 inches


There must be those infants who have their way of exploring their world without being surrounded by 1000+ toys. This Marianna door jumper is theirs. This is a perfect choice for you who are hunting for a portable exersaucer too. Its size makes it great for congested apartments also. In case you’re wondering, this saucer is fitted with adjustable straps and a door-frame clamp that secures in most standard door frames. Since this saucer is spring-packed, it simulates endless jumping and bouncing movement without grabbing much space.


  • Doesn’t take much space
  • It’s portable


  • It’s outgrown easily

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo


  • By: Fisher-Price
  • Item Weight: 15.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 37 x 32 x 32 inches


Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo has it all concerning ease of use, portability, and storage. This bouncer offers almost everything that your child requires from an exersaucer. Its rotating seat, for example, allows your baby to have fun from all directions. It also offers several fun stations in reachable locations to keep your infant engaged. Moms appreciate its ease of use, timeless setup, and easy folding for easy storage.


  • Several age-appropriate toys
  • Easy to tuck away


  • Difficult to assemble

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