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ILIFE A4 Titanium Gray Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

For sure, as a homeowner, one of your utmost priority is to keep your entire home clean and free of dirt. However, it would be quite difficult on your part to do that without a little help. Good thing, the ILIFE A4 robot vacuum cleaner is available in the market.

Product Features:

  • 3 step cleaning system
  • Powerful motor with a max mode
  • High capacity battery (fade free)
  • Tangle free sensors
  • Automatic charging and docking
  • Low profile body(motorized)
  • Programmable Schedule
  • Can perform deeper cleaning

While some vacuums that are available in the market can only clean hardwood floor, this ILIFE A4 vacuum is capable of cleaning even carpets. In fact, it has a 1000pa vacuum suction that can pick dust and dirt with ease. Its rotating blade brushes also does its job in cleaning the carpet while its side brushed can clean even the corners. So, a deeper and more thorough cleaning becomes achievable.


  • It works for about 130-150 minutes

Just imagine all the areas in your house! How easy you can clean it within its 1300-150 working time. Perhaps, you can even clean your entire house during that time. What more special is that this ILIFE robot also comes with tangle-free sensors that allow you to clean the area between the chair’s legs and even under narrow areas of your house with ease. Not only that, but you can also expect a long lasting battery life as it has a fade-free four chip 1600mah battery.


  • Automatic with enhanced intelligence

You also need not bother yourself to charge it for it would automatically charge itself. In addition to that, it is also not likely to get stuck as it does the wonders in your house for it has infrared sensors in its front wheel. Not only that, we have heard of vacuum falling off the stairs, resulting to it being broken but that will not happen with the ILIFE A4 vacuum for it has cliff sensors as well.

  • It may not leave its base after some time of using it

There may be times when you might feel that the ILIFE A4 is inside a box that hinders it from leaving its base. This typically happens after a few weeks of using it. In addition to that, the side spin brush may also not stop spinning unless the vacuum cleaner has been turned off completely.

Customer Reviews

There are customers who had a great experience while using this vacuum cleaner while there are also some who have returned it. Some love the fact that it is almost hands-free. On the other hand, there are also some who had experienced the vacuum cleaner being stuck on uneven surfaces.

If you want to spare yourself from having to clean your flooring or carpet yourself, this is the right product for you. By simply allowing this vacuum cleaner to do its job you can keep your home free of dust and dirt for your loved ones. So, the money that you would be spending in it would surely be worth it.

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