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Top 10 Best Mulcher Leaf Shredders in 2017 Reviews

Perhaps you are in need of the best mulcher leaf shredders and you are skeptical on the ones that you see on the market. Of course, you are fortunate to find this guide that will remove all the skepticism and make you enlightened on everything that you need to know about the same products. With this guide, you have the two parts and each part is of great essence and significance as the first part leads you to the second. Therefore, what we have on the second section is a top 10 best mulcher leaf shredders in 2017 reviews buying guide that is developed to help you in choosing your best type of leaf shredders.


After you have learnt of what you need to consider finding the best product that will be suitable for your needs, it is then a high time that you get to know the various product types and their features as on the list that follows:

10. Patriot Products CSV-2515 Leaf Shredder

  • By: Patriot
  • Item Weight: 95 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 35 x 24 x 37 inches

Apart from being a leaf shredder, this product also serves as a wood chipper and therefore, if you are looking for a versatile product of this sort, then I can assure you that this type will be the best option and will serve all your needs. What you will realize with this dependable shredder is that it effectively shreds large amounts of leaves, what we call the mountain of leaves efficiently and effectively.

With all the valuable features, that come with it, this product is one of the best and you can find it on the market at an affordable price. The standard storage bag is available to collect the shredded papers and therefore, you need to have this excellent shredder that will do the work well for you. The low maintenance electric motor is another feature that comes to enhance the effectiveness of this great product.

9. Flowtron LE-900 Ultimate Mulcher Leaf Shredder

  • By: Flowtron
  • Item Weight: 21.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23 x 19.5 x 19.5 inches

This product comes with so many features and benefits that makes it one of the best mulcher leaf shredders that you can have for the same function. With the patented design that comes with the powerful motor, this product becomes efficient and effective when it comes to shredding function. The carrying handles are also available to enhance portability.

With the particle reduction and other features, this product comes as the best and you need to have it for your home to ensure that you keep your compound clean tidy. When you get to the reviews, you will get to know how this product is beneficial to other users. Therefore, if you want to reduce dry yard waste, then you need to have this great product that comes with the right value that you want.

8. Eco-Shredder ES1600 Electric Shredder

  • By: Eco-Shredder
  • Item Weight: 70.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 24 inches

Here is an electric leaf shredder with the best features and you need to consider the same if you are searching for the best on the market. Some of the few features that we have to mention with this great product include the powerful amp motor that enhances the effectiveness and the efficiency of this machine, the triple action mulching or cutting power, and the ease of operation among other features that you will come to appreciate.

With all the features that we have mentioned regarding this product, you will find it suitable for your home as it will do the job right for you. Apart from the features that we have mentioned, you need to understand that this product does not require any gas engine that needs to be started or maintained and therefore, you can find it easy to manage.

7. Snow Joe SDJ616 Electric Leaf Shredder

  • By: Snow Joe
  • Item Weight: 13.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 21.3 x 21.3 x 49.2 inches

This shredder is one of the best types that you need for keeping your backyard clean and tidy and without any dry leaf wastes. Therefore, if you want to experience the power that come with the same product, then you need to have this great product and I can assure you that you will get the same with the price that will not pinch you. With the powerful motor, you should expect great efficiency that will result.

The only way that you can have to reduce the yard waste is to get a product that come with the power that you can find in this awesome type. The features that you can expect to find from the same include the capacity to adjust to the leaf bag, and the lined trash container that comes with easy disposal. The other wonderful features for just a mention include the incorporation of the adjustable control dial and the dust-reducing motor among other wonderful features that we can never exhaust. In that connection, you need to acquire this great product so that you can enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

6. Sun Joe SDJ616-RM Refurbished Shredder

  • By: Snow Joe
  • Item Weight: 13.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 48.5 inches

This brand seems to be one of the dominant ones that you have on the list and is because it comes with the best products that have rocked the market. As you see from the image, you have the obvious and the evident features display and the same can tell you whether this product is the one that you need or not. However much we may spend time looking at the product from the inside, we cannot understand the whole thing inside out unless we get to the features that are abstract.

The powerful motor is one of the first features that we meet when we encounter this great product and that enhances the power and the efficiency of the machine in shredding the leaves. With that efficiency and power, you will find the product with the capacity to mulch up to 55 gallons of leaves in just one minute and with that speed, you can stay confident that the same thing will serve to satisfy your needs and desires.

5. Earthwise GS70015 Electric Garden Leaf Shredder

  • By: Earthwise
  • Item Weight: 31 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 42 inches

This type of shredder is the one that you will find coming with other features such as the collection bin and is the best shredder that you should have for your mulching purpose if you need the best. The powerful amp motor that come with this product is what adds to the effectiveness and the efficiency that you should expect to find with this product. The other great features that we need to mention here include the leaf chute and the tamper tool, the easy clean up feature and other features that you will find useful.

The other features that we should mention for your search benefit and comparison purposes include the incorporation of the durable back wheels that enhances easy portability, the incorporation of the overload protection that comes with the switch and the safety features that ensures that your hands stay safe during the operation. Therefore, if you need to have this product, then I can assure you of one thing that you will find the same with the price that will not strain your budget.

4. Worx 13 Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher

  • By: Worx
  • Item Weight: 24.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22.6 x 22.6 x 13.2 inches

This mulcher as you can see its power is just enough for your garden and you need the same if you are in search for the product that will give you greater efficiency. Therefore, the fold-down compact design comes with the capacity to mulch in the ratio 11:1 and that capacity translates to the capacity of 53 gallons of leaves in a minute. In addition to that, the cutting process deposits the debris into the bag and that makes it easy to collect the same.

Some of the other beautiful features that you need to consider here include the air motor cooling system, the easy to start and to stop system, and the bladeless system that uses the thick trimmer among other features that you will find with the same product. Of course, the stability that comes with this product as you can see is enhanced by the incorporation of the three-legged support system that makes it to stand sturdy while accomplishing its task.

3. Tazz Chipper 4-Cycle Engine Shredders

  • By: Tazz Chipper Shredders
  • Item Weight: 121 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 29.9 x 24.4 x 51 inches

When you look at the complexity that comes with the design of this excellent leaf shredder, you might think that the product is difficult to operate but for your information, this type is one of the simplest to use as it comes with easy features. The value of course is just incredible and you will find it offering the best value for your money. In that case, you do not need to worry since the shredder comes with high quality value and other features that you will encounter as you explore more on the same.

With the other features that we are going to mention here including the dock-and-lock connector, the wheels that will never go flat, and the easy to use debris bag, then I can assure you that this shredder is suitable for purpose and you need the same thing for your garden. Therefore, if you are looking for one, you need not to assume this great option that come in style.

2. Power Smart PS10 Electric Chipper Shredder

  • By: Power Smart
  • Item Weight: 30.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 17 x 24 inches

Power Smart electric chipper shredder is the best mulcher leaf shredder that you have to choose to acquire for effectiveness and efficiency. Indeed, this product is the greatest choice that you need to have and the features that you should expect include the overload protection, the powerful 15 amp motor, and the high cutting capacity with the greatest effectiveness and efficiency that you need to tap to ensure that you get the best product that will not shame your decision.

The wheels that are incorporated in this great product for mobility purpose are just great and you need to realize the same fact so that you can have the best leaf shredder that will do the work right. In addition to that, you will have the safety hopper knob for locking that helps in the prevention of the motor function when it is loose or when opened. Therefore, this product is the great choice that you can have for your needs.

1. Sun Joe CJ601E Electric Wood Shredder

  • By: Snow Joe
  • Item Weight: 26.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 20 x 36.8 inches

The Sun Joe electric wood shredder is a brand that you need to consider and as you have found, this brand is one of the domineering ones that you have on the list and not because of anything else but due to the quality, that it guarantees the users. You will find the greatest satisfaction from most of the consumers of the product as you read from the reviews. In that case, if you want a number one product that will be effective and efficient for your functions, then you need to check on this particular type.

The features that you need to understand about this product is the fact that it comes with the compact design, the 6-inch wheels that enhances portability, the safety hopper, and the powerful amp motor that creates the effectiveness and the efficiency. Therefore, this product is what will give you the greatest satisfaction that you need for a shredder.

In summary, the only way to locate your best mulcher leaf shredders lies in getting into the features that makes the product and the quality that you can expect from the same among other factors that you need to consider. Of course, efficiency is the greatest feature to check and so to the motor capacity. Therefore, once you have settled on the right product of your choice here, then you can order for the same from the Amazon link that lies against each product.

Mulcher leaf shredder buying advice

What do you need to know when buying the best mulcher leaf shredders? If you are going to get the best product of the sort, then you need to be equipped with knowledge and information. In that connection, you need to understand the specs that come with each product so that you can choose the one that fits all your needs. Therefore, the following factors lies on your way for you to consider as you choose your best mulcher leaf shredder.

  • Operation power
  • Portability
  • Ease of operation
  • Source of power
  • Condition of the product

Operation power

The power of the shredder is what determines the effectiveness and the efficiency of the product. Therefore, you need to find the product that comes with the right power capacity so that your operation becomes seamless. The operation power varies depending on the fuel used and therefore, you will find other products being effective on gas, others being effective on electricity, and others just rely on the manual means. Therefore, you need to make sure that the product that you choose comes with the capacity to give you the efficiency that you want to achieve.


When we talk of this great factor, I can assure you that you have a great variety of products that are portable or the ones that you can easily travel with it. Therefore, this factor is a crucial consideration as it makes you travel with the shredder to any yard or patio that you want to use for your shredding. You should also remember that the product that you choose based on this fact should be compact and not only portable.

Ease of operation

Of course, the operation of the mulch shredder is not something that you just guess. In fact, you need to learn on how to use the same thing effectively and efficiently. Therefore, when selecting the best leaf shredder on the market, then you should always take note of the same so that you find the best product that comes without any complication. In addition to that, the product that you need to choose should come with the easy to understand features.

Source of power

What fuels the shredder? This question is what you need to ask yourself so that you get the best product that will meet your needs. Of course, if you have access to electricity, then you need to have the product that uses electricity other than having the one that uses gas. On the other hand, if you find it difficult for you to access the electricity and accessing the gas as the source of your power is much easier, then you can opt for the later. This factor is just a matter of convenience and therefore, no much into it.

Condition of the product

The condition of the product is yet another factor that you need to consider before you can commit your money into it. Some products come as second hand products or refurbished and therefore, you need to find out whether the product that you are about to acquire is new or just a refurbished type. If you need to go for the cheap, you might need to go for the later type. On the other hand, if you want a product that is in good new condition, then you have the opportunity to scrutinize the variety on the list.

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