Top 10 Best GPS Trackers For Car in 2017 Reviews

GPS trackers for car are helpful in monitoring the fleet of vehicles and also for individual monitoring of assets among other things. If you are looking for one, this guide will give you the top 10 best GPS trackers for a car in 2017 reviews that will then help you in making an informed choice.

Buyers Guide

When you are checking on the product that should fit your needs, it is important for you to align your needs with the product specifications and if that goes well, you will find the best product that you will never come to regret. Therefore, have the following guide that gives you the list for your wise selection.

10. AMERICALOC GL300 New Version Portable Tracker

  • Item Weight: 4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.3 x 2.6 inches

This new version of GPS tracker for car enables you to track anything under the sun. Whether you want to track your vehicles, assets or anything else, you can use this excellent tracker, and for sure, you will achieve your results. If you want to know more about the tracker, perhaps I should let you know that with this, you can be able to monitor any movement, parking, speed, and battery among other things. It is, therefore, the best thing for you to manage and to ensure that your vehicles or other assets are used for the right purpose or to make sure that whatever you are monitoring is kept on track.

9. RedSun TK103B New GPS/GPRS/SMS Tracker

  • By: RedSun
  • Item Weight: 3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 3.6 x 2.4 inches

This GPS tracker for car features a remote control with an alarm and an on/off function. With the GPRS and the SMS tracking feature, you can be in a position to monitor group-to-group, group-to-point, and point-to-point. The main functions include the movement alarm, the speeding alarm, the accident alarm, voice monitoring, and the Geofence among others. If this makes you think that is the best tracker that you are looking for, I should tell you that you could get it at an affordable price.

8. Amcrest AM-GL300 Real Time Portable Tracker

  • By: Amcrest
  • Item Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.5 x 0.9 inches

This portable tracker is made for high accuracy and reliability. The features include the incorporation of a well-designed user interface and 7 to 10-day battery life among other features. If you are looking for a real time tracker that will never come to disappoint you at any given time, then I would recommend this type to you. It is surely the best and has been proven for reliability and accuracy. Indeed, there are other incredible features that we cannot exhaust mentioning in this review, but you can revisit the product and have all the features and even the price that comes with it.

7. Vyncs 3G OBD Link GPS Tracker for Cars

  • By: Vyncs
  • Item Weight: NA
  • Product Dimensions: NA

This GPS tracker is worth your consideration if you are looking for the best product that comes with value, accuracy, and reliability. Amazingly, this product comes with an affordable price, and on top of that, there is no monthly fee, comes with the 3G wireless connection, zone notifications, and alerts. It is, therefore, the best product that you can choose for tracking your teens, your assets, or even your vehicles.

6. Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

  • By: Linxup
  • Item Weight: 2.1 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 1.8 x 2.1 inches

Monitor your fleet driving activity regarding the speed, location, traffic, and speed using this accurate tracker that come with excellent features. When you have this tracker, you can easily review your driving routes using the GPS feature. Of course, GPS trackers have become the most adored devices for car owners and also for monitoring assets and this has enhanced the management and reduced the misuse of resources and time. With this, now things have been done, and there is great efficiency and effectiveness thus the results are now tangible.  If you are in need of this and want to control your assets and to monitor your vehicles at every step, then this is the best tracker that I could recommend to you.

5. Vyncs Pro OBD 3G Car GPS Tracker

  • By: Vyncs Pro
  • Item Weight: NA
  • Product Dimensions: NA

These GPS trackers for car are useful in some ways. One, you can use it for teen coaching or monitor their steps, you can use it to ensure that your drivers take the necessary routes to avoid them idling on the way. Doing that will help you economize on fuel. Therefore, you can easily monitor the trips, especially if your car is a passenger vehicle or luggage transporter, and to monitor other things such as the speed, location, and traffic among other things. Therefore, you can make this type as your choice if you are looking for the best results.

4. VECTU Portable GPS Vehicle Tracker

  • By: VECTU
  • Item Weight: 3.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.7 x 2.2 x 0.7 inches

This product from the Vectu brand comes with the best features that have made it see the light of the day on the market. I mean, the product has been performing well on the market and has received great reviews and high ratings from the customers. You will notice that the product is highly affordable and anyone who needs it can acquire on a budget. What you should take note even before buying this product is the fact that it only operates where there is T-Mobile services but is highly efficient and effective for its function.

3. MOTOsafety GPS Tracker

  • By: MotoSafety
  • Item Weight: 2.1 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 1.8 x 2.1 inches

Monitor your vehicle and get up to 100 percent accuracy when using this excellent device. With it, you can be in a position to monitor almost everything that you need including the location of your vehicle, the speed, and the direction among other things. When you have it, you have a piece of mind since your vehicle will always be put on the right purpose by your driver unlike when we did not have this tracking system. If you are looking for the same, you can surely get in at an affordable cost.

2. Optimus Real Time GPS Trackers for Car

  • By: Optimus Tracker
  • Item Weight: 3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 0.9 x 1.5 x 2.7 inches

This tracker despite its effectiveness and the accuracy that has been deemed to portray is still affordable, and you can get it on your budget. The tracker will give you the email, and even the text message alerts on speed, location, low battery, and traffic among other alerts. Another important feature is that you can synchronize this with your iPhone for easy tracking and monitoring thus making it highly useful. This product also comes with international coverage, and thus you can use it anywhere in the world.

1. Spy Tec STI-GL300 Portable Real Time Tracker

  • By: Spy Tec
  • Item Weight: 8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 0.9 x 1.5 x 2.7 inches

This real-time tracker is perfect for vehicle monitoring, spouses, elderly, and teen control and therefore, you can use it for your vehicles, cars, and also monitor your assets in your home. The product comes in compact size and thus making it highly portable. That means you can easily carry it with you wherever you may want to. One other thing that you should be knowledgeable when going for this product is the accuracy and quality of the results. Of course, this product is one of the most reliable trackers that you can find on the market.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best tracker for monitoring your vehicles or assets, you should at least try to get something that promises accurate results and reliability. In this case, the above list gives you the best products that you should choose from in order to find the one that will not come to disappoint you in the future.


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