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Top 10 Best Gas Leak Detectors in 2017 Reviews

If you are in need of the best gas leak detector, then you have the variety here for your choice. We do not only have the variety but the best that you can find on the market. The products that you can find on our list come from different brands that we have selected based on the market performance, ratings, and reviews for each product. Therefore, you have the best selection that will cater for your needs. Therefore, this guide gives you the top 10 best gas leak detectors in 2017 reviews- buying guide; to help you match the right product for your home, office, or for your gas filling station.


As you have known what you need to know and to check when selecting the detector for your purpose, here comes the list that we have to guide you and give you the best products on the market. Therefore, the following are the top 10 best gas detectors that are available on the market. You need to consider each, and eventually, you will find your best.

10. Bacharach Leakator Gas Leak Detector

  • By: Bacharach

Stay safe when you are operating with your gas to ensure that it is always free from the leaks. I assume that you know the dangers of leaving out the gas to leak out. Sometimes it happens accidentally, and you might not be aware of the same. The good news is that you now have the best gas leak detector that will keep you safe and always protected.

When we talk of the features that accompany this detector, the effectiveness, and why you need it, we are keen when it comes to analyzing the features to ensure that it fits your needs. Therefore, you need to make yourself conversant with the same for a better choice. Some of the features that come with this product and are beneficial for that matter include the audible indication, quick warm up time, visual LED Display, the detector is combustible, and it comes with a sensor, case, and batteries.

9. AGM Flammable Combustible Gas Leak Detector

  • By: AGM

If you need the best detector that will not let you down, then you can consider the option that I am sure will not come to disappoint. The product has broad applicability and can be adapted to different places such as gas pipes and lines, marine bilges, heat exchange leaks, and propane gas refilling stations among other locations. In that case, if you are in need of the detector from this brand, the type that we have is the best that you can have for any of the uses that you will see fit.

In cases when you do not have the combustible or flammable gas detector, you might land into stressful situations and losses, but we would not want to you get there. That makes us bring to you some of the best detectors that come with the capacity to respond on time, protected circuit, and a sensor that can have access into even the hard to reach places.

8. Inficon Gas Mate Combustible Detector

  • By: Inficon

An ideal type of a gas detector is here. The product comes with the quality to give you everything that you need for safety with your gas. Whether you are looking for the type that can fit your home, industry, office, or gas filling station needs, then I can recommend this brand that offers us with the large spectrum detector. That means you are going to use it for a variety of functions.

On the features section, we would like to enlighten you and to make sure that you are aware of what you are about to purchase. This brand comes with comes with the capacity to detect any combustible gases that include methane, butane, propane, and ethane among other gases. The sensitivity is adjustable, and intensity alarms to ensure that you are not taken over by the occurrences and is thus an inevitable option.

7. Meter.llc Freeon Portable Combustible Leak Detector

  • By: Meter.llc

Portability here is what comes to our attention. Are you going to use it in different places and you want a detector that can be transported easily? If you are looking for that, then I can assure you that this design comes with perfect technology design and the capacity to detect various flammable gases. Therefore, this could be a better choice that you can acquire for any purpose that you can do with it.

Featuring high sensitivity that is adjustable, suitability for industry use, alarm features, and battery indicator, this product is what you need to achieve your objectives. Of course, you will not want to be caught by surprise, and that calls for such a best gas detector that will work to ensure that you always stay safe and protected. Therefore, this type is an awesome choice that you can make to safeguard your properties from fire damage.

6. Singstek Portable Halogen Gas Detector

  • By: Signstek

If you are searching for the best halogen gas detector for your home usage, then here is the best option that you can pick. Still, this product is portable, and you may want to adapt it to fit any purpose of which that could be the best thing for you to have. One of the advantages that you can have with this tester is that you can adjust the sensitivity to suit your needs. With the 14-inches stainless steel probe that is flexible, the detector can have access to the hard to reach areas.

Coming on the other features, you might want to compare the same product with others that you can find. That means you should have the grasp of the inner details. Some specifications that we can mention include the tricolor display and capacity to detect all kinds of combustible gases among others. Therefore, if this feature works well with your situation, then I can recommend this product for you.

5. SGILE Combustible Natural Gas Detector

  • By: SGILE

You can just see the flexible probe, and you will get one of the features that are apparent. The flex probe can access even the hard to reach areas, and the measurements are 12 inches. The product comes with the greatest sensitivity that makes it perform, as you would like to feel protected by it. The other thing is the adaptability of the product that makes its usability to the extent to a greater reach. That means you can have it for various uses including for home application.

Other suitable features that come to our attention include the capacity of the sensor to detect any combustible gas leak thus giving us the alarm to act appropriately. When it comes to detecting the gas, you will find the product featuring the best sensitive detector that makes it yield accurate results immediately it detects the gas leaks thus making it safe for the same function.

4. NEARTOP Household Natural Gas Detector


NEARTOP household is one if the best detectors that we have in this category and is efficient and functional in giving you the results that you want. For sure, if you are in search for a detector that will give you the right value for your money, I can direct you to consider buying this type. The detector is effective in delivering the results that you need and alerting you in the case of any leaks in your gas. That means you will stay safe and protected when you have the same device.

With the OLED screen, you can easily depict the concentration of the gas as indicated by the three lights of green, red, and yellow. The other thing that comes with the features is a great sensitivity. This feature will help you in ensuring that even the small leaks are detected on time. Therefore, this product is the best for your home, office, or for your gas filling station.

3. Amprobe GSD600 Gas Leak Detector

  • By: Amprobe

This gas detector comes with incredible features that include the capacity to detect even the leaks in the closed piping system. The sensor is a semiconductor and therefore, it is effective and efficient in detecting all the flammable gas leaks. The other great feature that comes with this product is the stainless steel probe that is capable and efficient for delivering what you need to achieve. That means it can access every area including the hard to reach places.

The automatic calibration and the startup that come with this product is helpful in ensuring that the sensor is accurate to give reliable results. You would not want to have a detector that will provide you with faults and surprises that can lead to accidents due to unreliability. Therefore, this type is one of the most reliable ones that you can find.

2. RIDGIT 36163 Model Micro Combustible Gas Detector

  • By: Ridgid

The design that accompanies this product is just fantastic, and you would want to have the best out of it. With the rugged design, you can rest assured of the durability and the comfort that comes from the same. That means you can have it to enjoy the long lasting quality and effectiveness brought to you by the same product. The adjustable sensitivity is also a matter of concern when choosing the best product of this sort. For this type, the sensor is flexible, adjustable, and thus reliable.

The 16-inch flexible probe is another feature that will ensure that you achieve the results that you need in the hard to reach places or areas. The flexible probe is an essential feature that makes the product to work in a variety of situations for your benefit. The indication lies on you choosing either visual, audible, or vibration mode depending on what is convenient for you.

1. UEi Test CD100A Instruments Combustible Gas Leak Detector

  • By: UEi Test Instruments

This instruments combustible gas leak detector comes with easy one hand feature for an operation that means the design is sleek, compact, and portable. If you are in search for the same quality, then I can assure you that you have found it. With the simple and adjustable sensor, you can enjoy high quality and reliable results for your safety.

Some other features that come with this gas leak detector include the tip light that is fitted in the sensor that helps to illuminate the area of the leak and to provide accurate and reliable detection. This, therefore, makes this product one of the best that you can use to achieve your objectives. Another thing is the long gooseneck that measures 18 inches and can reach hard areas. Also, you will find that the product is simple to use and to operate.

To wrap up things….

You need to stay safe and to enjoy the quality gas leak detector, to acquire the one that is reliable, accurate, and trustworthy. In addition to that, you need to find the one that gives you the capacity to know when things are going wrong. In this guide, you will find all the best varieties that come with different prices and is you to choose the one that is appropriate for your budget.

Gas Leak Detectors Buying Advice

What are you going to consider when you are buying a gas leak detector? As a buyer, you need to find some of the things to ensure that you have the best type that will give you the results you want. The things that you should check include the following:

  • Portability
  • Applicability
  • Indicator Alarm
  • Sensor adjustment
  • Length of the probe
  • Battery indicator


The best gas leak detector ought to be portable. This feature will enable you to travel with it to any destination you want and to use it anywhere. Therefore, when you are searching for the best, you need to consider this fact since it will play a bigger role when it comes to the transportation purposes. The products that we have selected from the market come with the same feature. That means each one of them can be transported easily and you do not have to worry about that for the products that we have on our guide.


When we talk of the applicability, we mean the usage of the product. Are you going to use it for your home, office, or for your gas filling station? Whatever the usage or applicability of the product, you need to ensure that the one that you choose is suitable for your needs. Here, you cannot have a product that can only suit the home usage and you want to use it for your gas filling station or any other large company. Therefore, this factor is essential, and you should not ignore it when choosing one for your use.

Indicator Alarm

What will make you respond and act immediately in case of a gas leak is when you are aware of the same. Here, you need to have the product that features the best indicator alarm and the ones that can make you respond or attend to the situation in time. When choosing based on this type, you need to look at the following:

  • Audio capacity
  • Vibration mode
  • Light indicator

My advice is that you have the detector that comes with the ability to portray all the features. That means the detector should give the audio, vibration, and light indicators at the same time.

Sensor adjustment

This feature is essential and crucial to consider. Sensor adjustment is the capacity of the sensor to detect the gas leaks and to be extended to suit the different needs. Therefore, you need to consider this factor when you are looking for the best gas leak detector to ensure that it fits the needs of your usage. Some of the products that we have on this list come with the same feature, and you can check to ensure that you have the right one for your purpose.

Length of the probe

The length of the probe is significant, and you need to identify the product that can achieve the function that you intend to do with it. The probe is simply to reach the areas that are hard to access. Here, when you are checking for this feature, you need to look at the length regarding inches since different types of products that we have under this category come with different probe measurements. Therefore, having your needs at hand, you can match the item that is best and available with the needs that you have. Detectors meant for different purposes comes with different probe lengths.

Battery indicator

You will not want to be caught by surprise, and therefore, you need to have the best gas leak detector that comes with the capacity to indicate the battery. That means you are not going to be surprised by what happens when you have the same feature. Therefore, the battery indicator is essential and tells you when to charge or to replace the battery. This feature ensures the reliability of the sensor or detector making it worth its function.

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