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Top 10 Best Beard Trimmers For Men in 2017 Reviews

Beard trimmers come in different designs, and each come with its features. Therefore, when you are choosing the best, a number of considerations are there for you to make and to ensure that you land on the right choice. This list highlights the top 10 best beard trimmers in 2017 reviews and is up to you to make the right choice.

Buyers Guide

As mentioned, some considerations are there for you to make before buying the beard trimmers, and some include the battery life, the strength of the steel blades and the other features that you will encounter. Therefore, the following list is just a review of the top best products and from there, you can locate the best for your needs.

10. Philips Norelco Gostyler Shape and Trim Model

  • By: Philips Norelco
  • Item Weight: NA
  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 1 x 6.5 inches

This model comes with the dual cut technology, and it is twice sharpened to make the blades sharper for perfect edging. The detail foil is also included for edges, perfect lines, and for contours. The product also comes with the best precision beard combs, a set of 3, and helps in the maintenance of the mustache and stubbles. Another important feature that we should note when analyzing this product is the soft rubber that helps in control and the machine is fully washable. These features make trimmer to perform well on the market, and if you are looking for one, this can be the best choice for you.

9. Philips Norelco head & Beard Trimmers 5100 Series


  • By: Philips Norelco
  • Item Weight: 13.9 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 2.4 x 5.9 x 9.6 inches


These series of beard trimmers come with the best features that make this trimmer the best on the market. Some of its features include the presence of the dynamic beard guide, fully washable, lithium ion battery, and the self-sharpening steel blade. Of course, if we dwell on the features alone, we might not come to exhaust since the product comes with all the best that you need to embrace. If you are looking for the best beard trimmer that can trim to your head, then this can be the best option.

8. Wahl Professional Peanut Trimmer/Clipper


  • By: Wahl Professional
  • Item Weight: 4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.8 x 4 inches


This brand has been designed for professional trimming and to offer the professional precision that experts need. It comes in a compact size and sleek design and therefore is the best for its cause. Some of the other accessories that are included are the attachment comb cutting guide, cleaning brush, oil, red blade guard, and instructions. The miniature size has been designing to ensure that it fits well into the palm of your hand. Another important thing that is good for your knowledge is the value and the affordable price that come with it.

7. Gillette Fusion Styler Proglide 3-in-1 Men’s Groomer


  • By: Gillette
  • Item Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 11.9 x 2.8 inches


These excellent beard trimmers comes in the right size that makes it easy to maneuver hence achieving even trimming. The product comes with three combs and advanced blades. Also, the pack contains the trimmer itself, the three combs as we have mentioned, the organizer and battery, and the ProGlide Power cartridge. All these features are meant to enhance the functionality of this excellent trimmer and to make it achieve the purpose that is intended. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect trimmer that can serve you well, you can consider this one and perhaps it will be the best option for you.

6. Philips Norelco 3500 Series Beard Trimmer


  • By: Philips Norelco
  • Item Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 2.4 x 5 x 9.6 inches


This product come with the self-sharpening titanium blades that are meant for enhancing the perfect haircut. The product also comes with the washable heads that promote easy cleaning. When it comes to the power source, the trimmer utilizes the advanced lithium-ion battery that comes with it and can deliver great results of up to 120 minutes runtime after a charge of 1-hour period. If you are looking for this type of a trimmer, do not be hesitant to make this as your best option and surely, you will enjoy its effectiveness and efficiency.

5. Philips Norelco QG3364/49 Grooming Kit


  • By: Philips Norelco
  • Item Weight: NA
  • Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches


If you need the best trimming performance with the high-performance blades, then this is the right trimmer that you should purchase. The Lithium-ion battery that comes with this excellent product can serve for 60 minutes continuous use. The trimmer also comes with the turbo power button, 18 in-built length settings, and chromium steel blades. This product is, therefore, a powerful type that comes under this category. The product has gained high demand on the market due to the effectiveness and the efficiency that it portrays.

4. Philips Norelco 7200 Series Beard Trimmer


  • By: Philips Norelco
  • Item Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 2.4 x 5.9 x 10.4 inches


The 7200 series is also the best product that has been proven for quality and excellent performance. The features of this awesome trimmer include the integrated vacuum system that can catch the cut hair. In addition to that, a high-velocity suction is powered to lift and to capture the cut hairs. The other incredible feature is the self-sharpening steel blades, and that means there is not need for external sharpening. The lithium ion battery that is included in this product can last for up to 80 minutes for a 1-hour charge.

3. Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Grooming Kit


  • By: Remington
  • Item Weight: 15.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 9.2 x 4.5 inches


This grooming kit comes with excellent power and has eight attachments that are suitable for all the grooming needs. The attachments are washable, and that is a feature that promotes hygiene while ensuring that the trimmer always is kept clean for its purpose. The other thing that is included is the storage pouch and the lithium power that can run for 50 minutes. The self-sharpening blades that are durable is also a feature that comes with this excellent trimmer and therefore, you have it for your choice.

2. Philips Norelco 3100 Multigroom Trimmer


  • By: Philips Norelco
  • Item Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 2.4 x 5.9 x 9.6 inches


This trimmer comes with five tools that are meant for all-in-one styling. You can enjoy any style that you want with this excellent trimmer, and for sure, it is meant to help you achieve your trimming needs. The product comes with awesome features that make it among the top best products on the market. Some of the features include the 18 built-in settings, rechargeable battery, and steel self-sharpening blades among other features. Its usage extends to nose trimming, detail trimming, mustache, beard trimming, and stubble comb. Therefore, it is the best product that is recommendable for everyone.

1. Philips Norelco 3000 Multigroom Series


  • By: Philips Norelco
  • Item Weight: 15.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 7 x 2.2 inches


This trimmer is a number one product in this category and comes with the best features that make it effective and efficient for its function. Among its features is the reinforced design that helps to prevent the buckling and to bend thus ensuring even trimming at all times. The trimmer also comes with full-metal motor and the steel reinforced drive that ensures the maximum torque power. Also, the self-sharpening steel blade feature has not been exempted for this excellent trimmer and thus making it powerful and suitable for everyone’s choice.

In summary, to make your beard trimming enjoyable and easier, you need to have the best beard trimmers, and that is the intention of this review. All the above-listed products are suitable for your choice depending on the budget that you have. The products have been proven and tested for effectiveness and efficiency, and the review has been obtained from the market. Therefore, if you are in need of one, you can pick it on this list.

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