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Top 10 Best HDMI Splitters in 2017 Reviews

HDMI splitters take a signal from a primary source, for instance, Blue Ray, or Satellite Box and divides it into several identical signals for display on more than one TV. These units have for long been confused for HDMI Switchers. HDMI switchers take signals from several HDMI sources into a …

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Top 10 Best External CD Drives in 2017 Reviews

As we continue to seek for more portable laptops, CD Drives are slowly being pulled out of the equation to reduce bulk. Modern technology avails all the necessary hardware and software online. This means that you can simply purchase external cd drives and the software you need and download it …

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Top 10 Best Portable TVs in 2017 Reviews

Portable TVs didn’t exist until 1958 when Philco Safari created their first unit. It weighed little over 15 pounds and was selling at 250 dollars. Today’s portable TVs weigh even less than a pound. They are used for emergencies or away from home, for instance, in camps. Unlike their analog …

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Top 10 Best Record Players in 2017 Reviews

Most probably, you are here because you know and need one of the best record players. You must be a great music lover. It takes a diehard fan of music to appreciate the old school design of these vintage players. Some who are deep into modern technology call them old. …

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Top 10 Best Sound Bars in 2017 Reviews

Thinner and thinner TVs are gaining more popularity of late. Though it’s a great feature for them, the design is highly compromising on the quality of the sound. Usually, with the exception of electrostatic panel sound system, most speakers require more space for clear and loud audios. The modern TV …

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Top 10 Best Radar Detectors in 2017 Reviews

What Radar Detectors could help you with your driving? Coming to think of driving, nothing makes a good day turn sour than an unforgiving law enforcement officer proudly writing a speeding ticket and then wishing you a fabulous day ahead. With the police upping their game on highway speeders day …

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